Garrett Approves New Mine in Proposed Reserve

Midwest mining company Sinosteel Midwest Corporation will be allowed to go ahead with mining at Mungada Ridge after today receiving environmental approval from the federal government.

The approval comes three months after state Environment Minister Donna Faragher upheld the company’s appeal to overturn the advice of the state’s independent environmental watchdog, the EPA, who had recommended against the project.

WA Business News reported that “There had been issues with the classification of some areas of the project as a category A reserve.” Meaning that this area is within the areas proposed by the EPA and previous State Government as an A-Class Nature Reserve, the highest level of conservation protection available in WA.

Business News further reported that “Sinosteel said the project will provide it with cash flow and international credibility as it seeks to develop its much larger Weld Range hematite deposits and evaluate the potential of both hematite and magnetite ores on its other Mid West land holdings.”

It seems that this small mine is merely a cashcow for larger developments. The Squid would prefer that they used the stockmarket to raise cash, rather than digging up WA’s precious environmental assets.


One thought on “Garrett Approves New Mine in Proposed Reserve

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