Hammerheads Dance off Perth Beaches

A mating ritual of hammerhead sharks off Perth beaches was captured by Nine news in Perth.  Check out the video. In a summer season with many shark sitings fear can blind us to the beauty and mystery of sharks, so was great to see this piece on the news.
Our ancestors often gave sharks a mythical status, and whilst we may never fully understand the spiritual connections they may have had to sharks, modern ecology certainly tells us that the role of sharks as apex predators is something of great importance to the health of our oceans.
At a time when sharks, creatures that have inhabited the seas without significant change since before the time of the dinosaurs, are at an unprecidented level of threat due to chronic overfishing around the planet, more care and awareness is critically important. Many sharks do not breed until they are many years old, and then have as few as one pup per year. They are designed to rule at the top of the ecosystem, not to recover from heavy fishing, bycatch and shark fining.
As this video shows, whilst some sharks can be dangerous, they are also beautiful creatures worthy of our awe, respect and care.


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