Save Our Marine Life Launches Margaret River Oil Web Campaign

As evidence that a new oil industry is set to move into WA’s unprotected southwest waters is increasing, Save Our Marine Life has launched a new web campaign where people can email the Resources Minister Martin Fergson directly to protest the imminent release of a massive oil exploration lease in an area under consideration for future marine sanctuaries.
Recently, Save Our Marine Life uncovered that an oil industry expansion proposed for release on May 16th at the Petroleum Industry (APPEA) conference will impact areas identified by the Environment Department as of interest for marine sanctuaries in the SW, including a large area of proposed new leases just 83km offshore from Margaret River, an iconic southwest tourism destination known for its clean beaches and clean, green, coastal lifestyle.
To add weight to this evidence the WA Premier has recently promoted $170 billion in new oil developments for WA whilst visiting Texas, USA, and Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson has also released 7300km2 of detailed government-funded seafloor maps to the oil industry designed to encourage more oil exploration in our SW waters.
Save Our Marine Life is now petitioning the Government not to go ahead with the new oil leases until marine sanctuaries are in place. WA’s unique marine life remains unprotected, and under threat.


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