Could MasterChef Australia Yellowfin Tuna Recipe be Supporting Overfishing?

I’m a fan of MasterChef, I think it is encouraging Australians to become more passionate about home cooking and that can only be a good thing. Plus I like to cook. However, watching Gary, George and Matt tuck into 24 Japanese special invention test Yellowfin Tuna recipes last night I couldn’t help wondering if they’d be relishing the dish so much if they knew what was going on beneath our oceans.
Yellowfin tuna is described in a recently launched Greenpeace Sustainable Tuna campaign as in dramatic decline from overfishing.
It is just a short way behind the drastically overfished bluefin tuna, another favourite for sushi restaurants, which is close to extinction. Both Northern and Southern Bluefin Tuna stocks are below 5% of their pre-fishing populations. Northern Bluefin could be extinct within a few seasons if overfishing continues.
The Japanese play a big role in the continued overfishing, leading the defeat of a trade ban on Northern Bluefin Tuna earlier this year.
Overfishing, with a focus on one of the most majestic fish in the sea, Northern Bluefin Tuna, is a major focus of the powerful new documentary, The End of the Line , which Premiere’s in Sydney this week and goes to cinemas around Australia from the 10th May. It is the world’s first major documentary on the devastating impacts of overfishing on our oceans and the relatively simple solutions to the problem.
We all want to continue to eat seafood, but in order for that to happen, we need to take action. As citizens we need to support new marine sanctuaries and better fishing rules and restrictions, and as consumers we need to carefully choose what we eat.
I note that last season My Kitchen Rules, the rival show to MasterChef on Channel 7, also served yellowfin tuna in the final. These TV chefs are in the perfect position to become informed and help lead the way on a sustainable future for seafood and our seas. There is a precident with Jamie Oliver removing Bluefin from his recipes after he found out about overfishing. Lets hope The End of the Line inspires our Australian TV Chefs to do the same.
The cinema release of The End of The Line is supported by Save Our Marine Life and Greenpeace. You can sign the online petition for large marine sanctuaries in Australian waters here , and help push our supermarkets to supply sustainable tuna here .


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