‘No Oil Here’ – Augusta Margaret River Mail responds to Save Our Marine Life Rally

Augusta Margaret River Times on the Save Our Marine Life Rally – Sanctuaries not Oil for Margaret River.

Article online here.

‘No oil rigs here’
Augusta Margaret River Mail
12 May, 2010 09:34 AM

HUNDREDS of people from all walks of life rallied in Margaret River on Saturday, and their message was loud and clear – marine sanctuaries; not oil rigs.

The Surfrider Foundation and Conservation Council of WA joined forces with local South West groups in a bid to raise awareness of recently revealed plans for an oil lease 83km offshore from Margaret River. The area has been designated for the assessment of marine sanctuaries…cont

On the day, Save Our Marine Life Coordinator Tim Nicol said:

“Recent massive spills in northwest WA and now in Louisiana have highlighted the very real threat posed by oil exploration, within days of the Louisiana oil spill President Obama cancelled all new offshore oil drilling.

“In contrast, after our own Montara oil spill we see our government opening up new oil leases in an area under consideration for new marine sanctuaries.

“If a spill the size of the recent Montara oil spill off Northwest WA had happened in the Southwest, there would be oil on the beaches from Perth to Margaret River.

"Up to 90 per cent of marine life in the South West was unique, and half the world’s whale species used the region.

"The scientific case for marine sanctuaries had been strengthened by recent high profile reports highlighting the need for more marine sanctuaries in Western Australia"

"Today we see just how opposed people are to oil rigs, and oil exploration, where there should be marine sanctuaries.”

"I encourage everyone to go online and take just two minutes to write to the Resources Minister at our wesbite, http://www.saveourmarinelife.org.au/email_minister.”


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