New Government Good News for Marine Sanctuaries

Both Labor and the Greens went to this election with a strong policy on new marine sanctuaries and defended them against Coalition and fishing lobby attacks during the election.  With these commitments and previous public statements of support from key WA Liberals like Mal Washer and Julie Bishop, the next few months are exciting times for saving WA’s unique marine life.

With increasingly harsh restrictions on recreational fishermen such as seasonal closures to fishing of the rapidly diminishing stocks of WA’s reef fish – like snapper, the unique dhufish and baldchin groper –  and the proposed expansion of deepsea oil drilling off the pristine Margaret River coast, there is an urgent need to follow the scientist’s recommendations and establish a network of large marine sanctuaries in WA’s southwest waters.

Up to 90% of the marine life in WA’s southwest is unique to the southwest region of Australia, yet less than 1% of waters are protected.

You can help by signing the petition at Save Our Marine Life and joining the discussion at Save Our Marine Life (Australia) on facebook.

If you live in Perth, come along to our September 19th screening of The End of the Line at Luna on SX Fremantle!


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