Literature Review Shows Big Benefits from Marine Parks

A new literature review from the Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray shows environmental, economic and fisheries management benefits from MPA’s in both tropical and temperate waters.  It shows that even poorly designed MPA’s are better than no MPA’s at all.

The full report and extensive reference list can be downloaded here.

University of Adelaide media statement below:

A comprehensive report published this week by the University of Adelaide shows how the introduction of world-class marine sanctuary zones will benefit fishing activity in South Australia.

Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray, a senior lecturer in the University’s Discipline of Geographical and Environmental Studies, has reviewed over 350 scientific and social studies on existing marine parks. Her research shows clear benefits of marine parks from both an economic and environmental perspective.

“The report demonstrates that marine sanctuary zones act as effective fisheries management tools as well as providing conservation benefits.

“For example, in temperate waters off the coast of Chile, the number of lobsters has increased in sanctuary zones, repopulating previously depleted fishing grounds up to 50km away from the centre of the sanctuary zone.”

For more information about the report, or to interview Dr Nursey-Bray, please contact her on (08) 8303 3497 or 0437 738 635.


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