Ian Kiernan Supports Marine Sanctuaries for WA

Ian Kiernan with CCWA President Nicole Hodgson and The Squid

Over the last two days I had the good fortune of spending some time with Aussie legend Ian Kiernan AO, round the world solo sailor and inspirational founder of Clean Up Australia Day.

Ian was in WA to promote Clean Up Australia Day (6th March) and lend his support to efforts for a network of marine sanctuaries in WA’s waters, where despite high levels of unique marine life, less than 1% of the oceans are protected.

He also lent his support to our President at CCWA – Nicole Hodgson – who is swimming to Rottnest Island solo in support of marine sanctuaries for WA.  She is swimming to raise money for Save Our Marine Life, you can donate at the Everyday Heroes website.

Ian recently wrote an opinion piece describing his support for marine sanctuaries.  Read the whole piece here, and extract is below:

It was pollution of our oceans that motivated me to create Clean Up Australia. When I sailed solo around the world in 1986-87, I looked forward to visiting the fabled Sargasso Sea at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Famous for being a “golden rain forest of the sea”, covered by seaweed, I instead found a fading legend carpeted by rubbish.

Since the first clean-up of Sydney Harbour in 1989, the Australian public has demonstrated its overwhelming interest and concern about the health of our waterways and rugged landscapes by taking action to conserve our natural environment.

But this is not enough to secure the long-term health of our oceans and waterways. Almost a quarter of a century after I started Clean Up Australia, I believe the efforts of the Australian community have been let down by successive governments, which have failed to act to safeguard our waters and marine life for future generations

Hope to have a video to camera from Ian up at Save Our Marine Life soon…


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