Post of the Month: What is a Marine Sanctuary, and do they work?

This month’s post of the month as decided by number of readers was: What is a Marine Sanctuary, and do they work?

The tragic tale of Stumpy Stingray was going strong until this post blew it away in days, obviously a big topic with the critical battle for marine sanctuaries around Australia, and the world, heating up.  Thanks to Twitter followers for sharing widely, and it is also picking up a lot of hits on Google.

You can find out more about the campaign for marine sanctuaries in the South West, and take action online, at Save Our Marine Life.

You can discover the amazing marine life and underwater world of the South West in the online flip book Atlantis Found.

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Welcome to month two of Australia’s ‘year of the oceans’ when a network of new marine reserves right around the country will be established, starting with the unique south west region.


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