Post of the Month: What is a Marine Sanctuary, and do they work?

This month’s post of the month as decided by number of readers was once again: What is a Marine Sanctuary, and do they work?

It was closely followed, and overtaken on the first day of April, by a piece that still attracts considerable interest that I wrote a year ago in April 2010, Australia’s New Population Debate, An Environment Issue? Whilst the google traffic on marine sanctuaries is increasing with growing awareness about our marine environment, it seems issues of population remain high on people’s minds and hits on this blog piece remain high every month.

You can find out more about the campaign for marine sanctuaries in the South West, and take action online, at Save Our Marine Life.

You can discover the amazing marine life and underwater world of the South West in the online flip book Atlantis Found.

Note you can subscribe to the blog by email via the box at the top of the right hand column of this page or follow me on Twitter (@Happy_Squid).

Welcome to month four of Australia’s ‘year of the oceans’ when a network of new marine reserves right around the country will be established, starting with the unique south west region.

Happy April!


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