Big Blue Army Launched to Help Save Our Marine Life

In less than a month the Australian Government will start a three month public consultation period that will decide the future of marine protection across the 1.4m square kilometer South West region of Australia.

Currently less than 1% of this vast ocean is protected, despite it being home to one of the highest concentrations of unique marine life on earth, with up to 90% of life thought to be unique to the region.

To help make sure the Government delivers on its commitment to protect the marine life of the area, Save Our Marine Life has launched the Big Blue Army.

For too long debates about ocean protection have been hijacked by vested interest groups like the fishing lobby and the oil and gas industry leading to the shockingly low levels of protection afforded to our marine life.  Save Our Marine Life is determined to ensure that this time, our coral reefs, seagrass meadows, spectacular undersea mountains, whales, seals, dolphins, unique fish and other marine life – get the protection they deserve.

You can join The Big Blue Army at – joining will keep you in touch with the campaign over the next critical three months allowing you to get active to help secure this historic opportunity for ocean conservation, and also send a message to the Government of support for our marine life.


Media Release                                                                         5 April, 2011

We Want You: Join The Big Blue Army To Save Our Marine Life

The Federal Government is due to release maps of proposed new marine protected areas in the south west next month for three months of public consultation.

The Save Our Marine Life alliance has launched the Big Blue Army to provide the 75 per cent of West Australians who support much higher levels of protection for marine life a way to show their support.

West Australian research conducted by Essential Research in 2009 and 2010 found the majority of people are concerned about low levels of protection for marine life and wish to see a significant increase.

“The Big Blue Army will be sending its messages of support for sanctuaries to the Federal Environment Minister to demonstrate that the majority of people want to safeguard our marine life,” David Mackenzie from the Save Our Marine Life alliance said.

“Less than one per cent of the south west region is currently protected, despite there being a higher level of unique marine life found there than on the Great Barrier Reef.”

Research also found that 71 per cent of people in WA who fish at least once a year support least 30 per cent or more of Australia’s south west marine environment being protected.



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