Save Our Marine Life Regional Road Show Success!

The first part of Save Our Marine Life’s response to the Government’s 2-out-of-10 performance on the draft maps has been to hit the road and speak to regional communities about what’s not protected in their backyard, and what they stand to gain from protection.

It’s been a great tour with great turnouts in Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Albany, Esperance and Geraldton.  Thanks go to our regional partners – the Southwest Environment Centre, Tangaroa Blue, the Busselton Dunsborough Environment Centre, Surfrider Margaret River, No Oil for Southwest Beaches, the Albany Regional Environment Centre and LEAF (Esperance).  Also all the individuals, volunteers and businesses who help with promotions, donated raffle prizes etc.

Special thanks is to guest speaker Professor Jessica Meeuwig from UWA for speaking at Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and Esperance, and Dr Tim Langlois for speaking in Albany.

Below are a series of YouTube videos for the Margaret River event, including Professor Meeuwig’s presentation ‘The Southwest fishes: what do we know about them & how vulnerable are they … with a little bit of discussion on marine sanctuaries.’.

See photo album here.

 Part 1 – Introduction and speech from Gene Hardy of Surfrider and Rob Alder of No Oil for Southwest Beaches

Part 2 – Professor Jessica Meeuwig presentation part 1 – baited underwater camera video introduction and discussing the unique fish of the Southwest

Part 3 – Professor Jessica Meeuwig presentation part 2 – the Marine Futures Project baited underwater camera studies, insights into the state of our fish populations and the importance of ‘big old fat females’

Part 4 –  Professor Jessica Meeuwig presentation part 3 – sanctuaries supporting sustainable fisheries, some myths about marine sanctuaries and comment on the Governments draft plan

Part 5 – First 3 mins of the Squid’s presentation which ends in technical difficulties with the camera.  If you’d like to see the rest of this presentation, look out for a Save Our Marine Life event near you!


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