Radio National Australia Talks: Fishing

On Tuesday Radio National’s Australia Talks focused on the past time, sport or lifestyle, depending who you talk to, of Recreational Fishing.

In particular, it was looking at threats to recreational fishing in the future. Unfortunately, the fishing lobbyists interviewed in the show nominated marine sanctuaries as one of those threats. You can here the Squid debating the issue with ex-UK-fisheries spokesperson Martin Salter here. (Note the marine sanctuaries bit is from about 17minutes into the show).

As I’ve written about previously, the recfish lobbyists who oppose marine sanctuaries have been shown to be in the minority. Opinion research shows that most recfishers support large increases in marine sanctuary protection.  And, research from after Australia’s biggest marine sanctuaries at Nignaloo and the Great Barrier Reef shows that feared negative impacts on fishing were not realised.


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