Humpback Whaling Could Threaten $300m Whale Watching Industry

An article from WA Today.  An ex-whaling captain says if the Japanese follow up on plans to kill humpback whales it would threaten Australia’s lucrative whale watching industry as whales will once again learn to flee from boats.


Lack of protection at home and abroad threatens Ningaloo Manta Rays

From Murdoch University – highlighting the poorly known peril facing one of our most loved marine creatures…

The popular manta rays that attract nearly 12,000 visitors to Ningaloo Marine Park each year are under serious threat of hitting the endangered list, a study co-authored by Murdoch University has found.

Full text at CCWA blog…

New blog aiming to save Helena Aurora Range from mining

Nearby, the equally beautiful and unique Windarling Range has already been mined

Came across this new blog aiming to stop mining at the beautiful Helena Aurora range.

Its a very important cause.  The Environmental Protection Agency has called for full protection of these ranges because many species of plants are only found on these ranges.

Some species of flowering plant tetratheca are only found on a single range, with a completely new species on the range next door.  These scenic islands in the flat outback landscape outback are like a Galapagos for the rare flora of WA’s southwest, known as a global plant hotspot for its incredible uniqueness.

These areas need to be protected in an A-Class reserve, not left open for miners to slowly degrade them through exploration, with the goal of one day removing them forever.

More on the BIF via Happy Squid at

Hopefully more soon on some actions you can take to help save this special place.