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What is a marine sanctuary?

A marine sanctuary is an area of ocean set aside for conservation.  Marine life, including fish, and habitat is fully protected.  Mining and fishing is not permitted.  It is similar to a National Park on land.

What are the benefits of marine sanctuaries?

Marine sanctuaries are the best way to protect marine life and threatened marine species:

“With 32% of GBR reef area in no-take reefs, and fish densities about two times greater on those reefs, fish populations across the ecosystem have increased considerably…the reserve network is also helping the plight of threatened species like dugongs and marine turtles.”

Comment from authors of the paper, Adaptive Management of the Great Barrier Reef: a globally significant demonstration of the benefits of a network of marine reserves, (Feb 2010), a paper written by 21 of Australia’s leading marine scientists.

Marine sanctuaries underpin sustainable fishing, and can…

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