New Proposal for Australian Super Trawler By Stealth Exposed

Seafish, the company that bought Australia the proposal for the MV Margiris super trawler, has decided not to give up despite angering and outraging tens of thousands of Australians with their proposal to bring heavy industrial fishing to Australia’s low productivity southern waters using a vessel that has plundered far more resilient fisheries around the world.

The proposal is called ‘transshipment at sea’.

It means this time they’re applying to bring a super trawler in as a floating freezer,

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What do we know about the Great White Shark?

Understanding white sharks is critical to the safety of people using the oceans, and also to the conservation of this important and awe inspiring ocean predator.  We still know far too little about white sharks (hence my support for significant investments in research), but this is a summary of what I’ve been able to find out from speaking to scientists and shark interaction enthusiasts, and by reading the published papers cited below.

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Opinion Piece in The West today – The One That Got Away a Lesson to Authorities

As published in The West Australian today (minus minor editing improvements made by The West)…

The One That Got Away a Lesson to Authorities

The recent failure by Fisheries Officers to catch and kill a white shark in Geographe Bay has demonstrated why the Government must rethink the controversial pre-emptive kill policy for protected white sharks.

The hunt started not because a shark had behaved in a menacing way, but because shark sightings had repeatedly forced the closure of beaches.  It was assumed that shark sightings between Christmas and early January may have been the same shark but no evidence was provided.

An order was then given to kill a protected white shark displaying natural behavior in known shark habitat because it was holiday season.  It seems more like prolonged inconvenience than imminent threat.

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Help Save the Forgotten Four

Help Save the Forgotten Four

After the major victory of the Declaration of a world first national marine reserve network for Australia, Save Our Marine Life has launched a campaign to protect the ‘forgotten four’, areas and species that are under imminent threat but have not been protected by the network.  Oil exploration, drownings in gillnets and proposed sea bed mining threaten these four special places. Find out more, click the link!