Why WA needs a 10c Recycle Refund (For People and Marine Life)

Western Australia is on the brink of introducing a ten cent recycle refund (Container Deposit Scheme) for bottles and cans, a system that could increase recycling fourfold.

Whilst the State Government is still officially holding out faith in a five year negotiation with the Federal Government, increasing community pressure is now calling on them to commit to going it alone if the Federal process fails to deliver a result again this April.

WA has the worst overall recycling rate, and worst litter per capita, in mainland Australia, so we need to act.  For people, and to ensure WA’s contribution to marine plastic pollution – a problem that threatens to choke our oceans – is minimised.

Here is five very good reasons why all political parties should commit Continue reading


Reducing the risk of shark bites / shark attack

I have been doing a lot of research on shark risk reduction for recent media, so here is the latest information as I found it – please read as information and do all the research you personally need before making any decisions about your safety – there are links below and within to help you research further.

 Happy Squid’s Summary of Available Information of Shark Interaction Risk Reduction

Sharks are wild animals and should always be treated with caution and respect like any other wild animal. To date, there is no technology or strategy that can completely remove the risk of a shark bite. There remains much doubt and conjecture about many aspects of shark behavior, but there are also some patterns and we are learning more every day.

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A Frack Free WA? New Clean Water Healthy Land Campaign

A Frack Free WA? New Clean Water Healthy Land Campaign

Shale gas fracking in WA is a threat to limited ground water supplies. This weekend a new campaign will be launched to raise awareness about the risk fracking poses to our ground water supplies.

Below is a brief summary of the issue written by Fracking campaigner Jamie Hanson:

Protecting Our Clean Water and Healthy Land

Jamie Hanson, Conservation Council of WA

One thing environmentalists and farmers will always have in common is an understanding of the vital importance of water.  Healthy water supplies are essential to healthy land, healthy people and healthy wildlife.

That is why we are seeking to educate people about the dangers posed by the fledgling and experimental shale gas fracking industry.  Continue reading

Fracking risk to WA’s precious water

Fracking risk to WA's precious water

New proposals for Fracking in WA threaten our increasingly limited water supplies. Fracking has been linked to dangerous water pollution around the world.
Proposals have already been put forward for nature reserves, town water catchments (Eneabba, Carnarvon and Jurien Bay) and prime agricultural land.
Check out Clean Water Healthy Land for more information at http://cleanwaterhealthyland.org.au/
I’ve been helping put together an ad campaign to launch a Clean Water Healthy Land education push, here’s a sneak preview of behind the scenes photos on my Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.532488583451575.124365.100000713154415&type=1
Working towards a Frack Free WA!