Truth First Casualty of Great White Shark Feeding Frenzy


Diver and shark by Marco Fraschetti (Oceans Downunder)

A great Opinion Piece very pertinent in the lead up to WA’s shark season this year, printed in The West Australian, Thursday March 18th. Written by Marco Fraschetti,  a shark diver and photographer, spear fisherman and owner of underwater photography and shark diving company Oceans Downunder….

I grew up in Fremantle. The waters from Cockburn Sound right out to the FADs off Rottnest is my backyard. I’ve dived WA’s waters all my life as a spear fisherman and photographer, from Perth all the way to the Northern territory border.  I’ve seen my share of sharks. And I can tell you the sharks have always been out there.

For me it was an encounter with a shark off Perth that changed me forever.

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