Roebuck Bay Marine Sanctuary Offers Many Benefits

Opinion Piece printed in The West Australian on 19th August 2014


At the last election Premier Barnett re-iterated his promise that the Government would create a series of marine parks to preserve and protect the “spectacular and pristine” Kimberley region, which he described as, Australia’s great wilderness frontier. The stage is now set for the Government to demonstrate its resolve to protect this region in a meaningful way for future generations.

Roebuck Bay is the gateway to the Kimberley and it is here that the Government is being urged to act next. In recent months a flurry of activity in Broome has led a large number of scientists, fishers and tourism businesses to write to the Premier supporting the Roebuck Bay marine park, but also to ensure the Bay is properly protected. Continue reading


Unanswered questions in Esperance white shark kill

Reading reports of the killing of two white sharks in Esperance by Fisheries officers following a suspected bronze whaler bite leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Firstly though, condolences to the surfer who lost his arms, its hard to imagine how that would feel and the impact it will have on his life. Wishing him the best possible recovery under the circumstances.  But the question we must ask is – how is the killing of white sharks following the attack making anyone safer?   Continue reading