More info on the BIF at http://conservationwa.asn.au/content/view/68/130/

Mining has its place, but we don’t have to mine everything.  We can balance mining and conservation in WA. We can protect the best of the BIF.

The EPA has twice ruled against mining at Mungada Ridge, and it was recommended as a Nature Reserve by the previous Government, yet the Government has allowed three pits in this unique landform.  Previously the former Government allowed mining at Windarling against the advice of the EPA. The environmetal assessment process has failed the BIF, but there is still more BIF to save.  We need to ensure the Government implements the recommendations of EPA Bulletin 1256 to create an extended Mt Manning Nature Reserve, so that the rare plants and animals at Mt Manning do not meet the same fate as Mungada Ridge. Protect the best of the BIF.

Short video on the BIF here.

The Squid RTR interview on the BIF here.

Miwest local’s letter on the BIF here: Guardian Letter


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